"In 1999 we travelled to Kazakhstan, to pick up our daughter at the Baby Home in Pavlodar. We were met at the airport by Yakov Dvoretskiy and throughout the adoption process Yakov efficiently and graciously led us through the necessary steps, and eventually put us on the airplane home with our beautiful daughter. 

Several years passed and our daughter expressed interest in finding her biological family. We naturally thought about reaching out to Yakov to see if he could help. With little information available he began his search but the search was difficult and a couple of years went by with no results. We began to get discouraged and told our daughter that making contact with her Kazakh family may not be possible. Fortunately Yakov and his team in Pavlodar did not give up, and kept searching. He contacted us, unexpectedly, a couple years ago and told us he had located our daughter’s half-sister and that she wanted to get in touch. Our daughter immediately made contact and has since made and maintained contact with her relatives in Pavlodar. It closed an important unknown chapter in our lives, and without Yakov it would not have been possible. In dealing with Yakov, we've always been impressed with his sincere concern, sensitivity, determination to achieve results, and integrity..."

Seattle, WA