Search for Birth parents:

If you were adopted in Kazakhstan and want to find your birth family/parent/sibling we may be able to help you. If you are a parent of an adopted child looking for answers to important questions that your child will ask one day we may be able to help you. We were among the first to start an international adoption in Kazakhstan in 1994. With over 20 years of experience in the field we facilitate birth parents search following the highest ethics and professional standards. With experienced state licensed attorneys and coordinators in most areas of the country closely working with Kazakhstan government bodies you will have all the existing information about your parent/sibling. Once your biological parent/sibling is located and if you decide to travel to Kazakhstan to meet we offer to completely arrange your trip including in country travel, translator, driver, lodging, meetings with the birth families etc. In case you decide to stay anonymous we can act as your intermediary for corresponding/ exchanging pictures. We can provide you with contacts of our clients who we helped to find their birth families.




  Some adopted kids decide to find their birth families when they are older and out of age (they don't need their parents agreement). Some adoptive parents try to locate birth families for their kids early on since there is a better chance finding them if not as much time has passed. Some just want their questions answered and some what to be in touch. Its not always possible to find any information, some mothers provide false info, some die. Sometimes it is possible to find only pieces of information: extended relatives (f.e. grandparents), neighbors' recollections, etc. Some birth mothers depending on their current circumstances (f.e. if their family doesn't know about the child) don't want to get in contact, they are afraid to be exposed. Birth mothers are often relieved to know that their child is well and loved. These are some facts to consider when you make your decision.


To begin with we will need scanned copies of all adoption related documents. Usually they are: court decree, adoption certificate, post-adoption birth certificate, pre-adoption birth certificate, copy of medical records provided to you by your child's orphanage before the court and any other related documents you may have. Our Kazakhstan attornes will review those documents and advise you on the possible search options. At that time they will be able to estimate their expenses and fees. The total case cost varies due to the number of trips an attorney will have to make. Attorney's work also involves filing official inquiries and working with Kazakhstan government bodies, sometimes governmental archives need to be researched or police inquiries filed. If you decide to proceed you will need to pay our Kazakhstan attorney a retainer. At this point we will need a notarized and apostiled Power of Attorney from you issued to our Kazakhstan partners. Once/ if biological parent/sibling is located you choose the way you want to communicate. If you decide to travel to Kazakhstan to meet with your child's birth family we can arrange your trip and assist you with lodging, translator etc.


It varies, depending on the case it will take anywhere between a few weeks to a couple of months. There are always exceptions. We will be able to give you more precise time frame after the initial documents review.